Sarah Ishag Abdelmalek

Sarah is a 14-year-old Coptic girl who has not been seen she was abducted on 30 September 2012 while she was on her way to school with her.

Nadia Makram Kamel Mehanna

Nadia disappeared at the age of 13 years and nine months. An arrest warrant was issued three times by the public prosecution for the offender, however, it has not been acted on. Help us bring her kidnapper to justice.

Hassan Mostafa

An Alexandria appeals court upheld the conviction against Hassan Mostafa for insulting and attacking a public prosecutor, a crime he did not commit.

Ahmed Douma

Ahmed Douma, an Egyptian opposition activist has been given a six-month suspended jail sentence for insulting President Mohammed Morsi

Amnesty's Annual Report on Egypt 2012

Amnesty's annual report on Egypt outlines the issues that permeate Egypt post-revolution; these include torture, discrimination, impunity and the subjugation of women.

Egyptian army must answer for deadly toll at Coptic protest
On 11 October 2011, immediately after the Maspeero massacre, Amnesty issued a statement condemning the violence and demanding that the police inovolved be brought to justice.

Amnesty Report 2013: 'Egypt's Women Activists Describe their Struggle'
Amnesty issued a report on the position of women in Egypt and the struggles they face everyday as they continue to fight for their rights and freedoms.


On Sunday 30 June 2013,the Tamarod world wide solidarity action aims at making it clear to the Egyptian government and the world that the Egyptian people world wide reject the Brotherhood rule and its disregard for democracy and human rights. You can be part of this by attending your local Tamarod rally.

Place: Martin Place, Sydney.

All over Egypt.

Sacramento, USA
Time: 1pm
Place: State Library, 328 Swanston St, City.
Raafat Ebrahim 0448 153 500.

United Kingdom
Time: 2-5pm
Place: Outside Egyptian Embassy - 26 South Street London W1K 1DW.